The Best Ways to Market Your Law Firm

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March 2, 2016
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March 24, 2016
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The Best Ways to Market Your Law Firm

Gaining visibility for your law firm needs to be priority #1, especially if your business is a relatively new one. You can’t afford to fade into the background, so be sure to establish a plan of attack for consistency’s sake in an effort to gain new clients.

The following six tips are proven strategies from an established securities fraud attorney. Once you have an initial marketing plan in place, don’t let it stagnate. You have to revisit it periodically to ensure it’s still working for you.

Remarket on YouTube. The traditional way companies engage in remarketing is to target visitors who have already been to the site. As a result, targeted ads follow that person as they navigate the internet. Think about your experiences: you may search for a “personal injury attorney” in the morning, and then go on the internet later to search for something entirely different and an ad pops up on CNN. This sounds great, but as a law firm that type of remarketing can get expensive with low conversion rates.

Here’s something cutting edge. To save big money, focus your remarketing efforts on YouTube videos, where your video ad is placed right before the main video.  The only time you pay is if someone watches your video ad for 30 seconds or more. This way, you get the exposure you need and you save cash at the same time.

Confused? Here is an example. At 8:00am Peggy Sue looks for a “personal injury attorney” and gets to your website via Google organic. She never called nor filled out the contact form. Basically she came to your website and bounced. However, Peggy is placed on a remarketing list. At 10pm she is watching YouTube videos on her smart TV. Since you have her on your remarketing list, Peggy will see your video ad pitching your “personal injury attorney” services, like a commercial. You get a 2nd chance to get in front of Peggy via YouTube. And guess what? It’s only about 10 cents per view. This is better than paying $10 $15 per click for “personal injury attorney”. Remember though, a view only counts if the person watched 30 seconds or more of your video ad or clicked the ad and went to your site.

Bing vs. Adwords: Bing Wins for Affordability. Google Adwords is a big player in the PPC space, commanding about $10+ per click for law firms when we last checked. For many small law firms, this is too expensive.

Adwords isn’t the only way to achieve results. Bing Ads gets you around 15% – 20% of the exposure yet at half the cost, at just $5 per click (or less) for law firms. Still love Google Adwords? Go ahead and use it if you don’t mind shelling out that rate. However, if price is an issue, try Bing Ads instead. If you have a small budget, forget PPC and focus on local SEO.

Become a Member of a Law Firm Directory. Only join a directory if it’s ranking for your target keywords. Upping the ante when it comes to being visible and accessible at the moment prospects are searching for you is key. That’s why you should join search directories like People who need malpractice lawyers, stock fraud lawyers, criminal lawyers or dog bite lawyers can easily search for and find you by location and specialty when you rank for your chosen keyword.

Blog Weekly. The kiss of death for any business is to fade into obscurity. You can be the best at what you do, but if you don’t tell people about it, they’ll never know. The best way to get this point across is through informal blogs that position you as the market leader in your industry. Think of well-written blog content like putting a human face on your brand, says Search Engine Journal, helping you rise above the competition and educate clients.

If you want to rank in your local market, you have to blog consistently. Thanks to the freshness algorithm, Google places great emphasis on the latest news and information. You can’t tackle the freshness algorithm if you don’t blog at least weekly or bi-weekly. Epick Marketing has content writers that can help with this initiative so if you’re not a writer, no worries. Consider this: Lawyer A and Lawyer B both feature a five-page website of comparable quality. However, Lawyer A doesn’t make a single change to his website for an entire year. Lawyer B posts a blog every week or two addressing hot topics of the medical industry and how his practice can help patients. It stands to reason that Lawyer  B will rank higher than Lawyer A due to the timeliness and relevancy of his blogs. See how search works here.

Spy on Competition. Want to see why your competitors are ranking locally? It’s not a bad thing to spy on your competition. It can actually help you a lot. Remember that saying “keep your friends close but your enemies closer”? Approach local SEO in this same way, performing competitive analysis on local law firms to see where they’re doing well. SEMrush (just like ahrefs and Moz) is a great tool to check out the successes of your competitors, scanning 80 million keywords to gather information on its database. This info is categorized by factors like organic search, display ads, paid search, backlinks, and organic keywords vs. ad keywords.

Increase Link Building with Killer Content Marketing. It’s not enough to get clients to land on your site. You have to compel them to stay and make a meaningful interaction, such as call for a free consultation. BuzzSumo is a great resource for generating topic ideas for blogs and website pages. The goal should be to stay fresh and relevant while still employing SEO. However, it’s better to avoid keyword-stuffed phrases and concentrate on coming up with compelling content with a strong focus on authority, says Entrepreneur.

Do you want your law firm to rank locally? Link-worthy content is where it’s at. Whether you decide to fill that content with blog posts, white papers, infographics or videos, the end result should be to keep your readers on your website. In essence, you want to acknowledge their problem and provide a solution. This involves employing the use of an SEO-friendly title to achieve high search engine rankings, as well as a strong meta and image tags. Top it all off with a promotional strategy to sell it and high-quality content people want to read.

E Pick Marketing can help you set in motion all six of these strategies, or even just a few, for the most success. If you can’t afford to apply the time and patience these initiatives involve, let us guide you today.

James Gehring
James Gehring
I am a local business owner and marketing expert. I have developed a marketing strategy that I have learned from my own personal businesses and now I use this knowledge to help other businesses.

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