Improve Paid Search ROI with E Pick’s Experienced Specialists

E Pick specializes in paid search strategies that help clients consolidate their expenditures and improve their results over the long term. We understand that companies require flexible and responsive paid search strategies when building their campaigns. And so we offer customizable solutions that empower organizations to achieve a long-term return for their investment funds.

Not seeing the results your brand needs from paid search? Find out how E Pick can help today.

The Introduction

Our paid search process begins with an introduction to our search specialists. E Pick will assign an account executive to be the client’s point of contact with the company for their paid search campaign. We will then review the client’s current site to achieve a comprehensive understanding of the company and its industry. This background knowledge provides the foundation for the creation of a high-performance paid search campaign for the client.

Stage One – Campaign Set-Up

At stage one of the process, we conduct a complete analysis of the company’s paid search history. If no history is available, we analyze the company’s competitors to see which strategies might suit the company’s future objectives. The E Pick methodology for setting up paid search campaigns has been developed over years of research and hard work. Its methodology that includes:

  • Setting Up Specific Campaign Objectives
  • Design of Search, Display, Ad, or Remarketing Campaigns
  • Creation of Negative Keyword List
  • Matching of Keywords with AdGroup
  • Writing Ad Copy
  • Allocating Budgets
  • Setting Up Geographical Targeting
  • Installing Google Analytics and PPC Conversion Tracking

Stage Two – Professional Campaign Management

Once the set-up stage has been completed, the account is ready to be created. With the campaign now active, it becomes important for companies to be vigilant in analyzing the campaign’s fluctuating performance. Paid search results are dependent upon how a company can react to evolving market dynamics. At E Pick, we help companies stay ahead of market changes by keeping them informed of growth opportunities and current market events. It’s a full-service management process that enables companies to move forward in paid search with a market leader guiding campaign success. Our full campaign management service includes:

  • Allocation of an Account Executive for Fast, Professional Responses
  • On-Going Paid Search Strategy Development
  • On-Going Keyword Performance Analysis
  • On-Going Ad Copy Testing
  • Continued Conversion Performance Tracking
  • Fraud Monitoring
  • Campaign Cost Consolidation

Choosing E Pick means selecting a company that puts client requirements above all else within their work. We offer a professional paid search service solution that is unparalleled within today’s marketplace. Companies select E Pick for their campaign requirements because we offer:

  1. A Proven History of Ensuring Superior Returns
  2. We’ve worked with some of the leading brands across online marketing to deliver unmatched returns for their paid search investment.
  3. An Expert Team Harnessing the Latest Tools

Our leading-class search specialists are available throughout the business day to respond to client questions with knowledge built from success.

A Result-Based Approach to Campaign Management

Clients will always have a full understanding of the latest data from their campaigns. E Pick maintains complete openness on campaign performance and will help companies continually move forward until they reach their targets.

E Pick's search leaders are standing by to help you set up your company’s search campaign. Experienced professionals are just a simple phone call away!